AOSIF 250KW 313KVA 220V 440V 3 phase Emergency Diesel Generator Set Price In China

Aosif prime 250Kw 313Kva Power diesel Generator Price For Sale
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
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AOSIF 250KW 313KVA Silent Diesel Generators Set

AOSIF Soundproof Enclosure Description

Double door on both side of enclosure, 
Direct exhaust from sideby. 
Silencer is installed outside the enclosure. 

Suitable for the models as below:

Cummins: DCEC QS,CCEC N、K series   50Hz: 200KW-400KW   60Hz: 250KW-450KW
Perkins:  50Hz: 240KW-400KW   60Hz: 270KW-400KW
Doosan:  50Hz: 220KW-510KW   60Hz: 250KW-543KW

Aosif soundproof box-type genset is designed by professional engineers with over a decade of experience.The noise of this kind of genset is controlled at 80-85dB(A) at 1m away, 70~75dB(A) at 7m away, 60~65dB(A) at 15m away.

★ Multiple air inlets/outlets ensure power performance of the genset.

★ Large composite impedance muffler effectively reduces the genset noise.

★ Internal high-performance rubber shock absorber and flexible materials can reduce vibration.  

★ Fuel tank at the bottom can enable the genset to work for 8 hours.

★ Soundproof enclosure is made by cold steel.

★ The best powder coating with chemical surface treatment ensure corrosion resistance and coating quality.

★ Nice appearance and reliable quality.

★ Stainless steel locks and hinges.

★ All-weather operation is available.

★ Fireproof, waterproof and dust-proof

★ High-performance insulation materials can effectively reduce noise.

★ Transparent sight glass allows users to clearly see the content of control panel.

★ Emergency stop button mounted outside the genset to facilitate emergency operations.

★ Coolant filler is set on the top of the enclosure.

★ Lubricant and coolant pipes are installed at the bottom of the genset to facilitate replacement with new lubricants and coolants.

★ Battery is accessible through the access door.

★ Cooling fan and battery are fully monitored.

★ Insulated exhaust system is installed inside the genset.

★ Type of forklift frame is optional.

★ 180° rotatable and detachable door is designed for ease of maintenance.

★ Concave lockable access door has a long lifetime.

★ Lights inside the genset are available for maintenance.

★ Lugs are mounted at the bottom of the base.

★ Top lifting mechanism is the stand configuration for high-power genset.

Why choose AOSIF for your power generation supplier

1. with more than 19 years experience,and clients in more than 100 countries,AOSIF is the rising star in generators today.

2. Our company has advance testing center and the most advanced testing facilities.we test each Genet before delivery and package items carefully to ensure our clients to receive products in their best condition.

3. AOSIF productions are submit to IS08525 GB/T2820-97,and CE certification and quality certified by ISO9001/ system to guarantee high quality products and service.

4. 100% factory outlets:manufacture supply directly,reduce business links.real high performance price.we are the approval OEM partner of Cummins, Perkins.Doosan, Leroy somer,stadform which can promise our clients high quality at best prise.

5. We stand behind our products with friendly,expert support.our department will be full-responsibility and fast support to every of you technical issues.and provide solution to repair or replace your generator.


Please contact us,our specialist are willing to discuss the power and performance needs to ensure you select the best unit for your needs 

Prime Power Engine Model Alternator Standard Structure Dimension (mm)
200KW/250KW QSM11-G2 Any brand suitable model  Upward exhaust ;
Silencer installed inside the canopy
250KW/310KW QSZ13-G6 Any brand suitable model 3700*1700*2230
280KW/310KW 6ZTAA13-G3 Any brand suitable model 3650*1650*2350
310KW/360KW QSZ13-G7 Any brand suitable model 3700*1700*2230
320KW/350KW 6ZTAA13-G2 Any brand suitable model 3650*1650*2350
350KW/350KW 6ZTAA13-G4 Any brand suitable model  3650*1650*2350
350KW/350KW QSZ13-G2 Any brand suitable model 3700*1700*2230
350KW/400KW QSZ13-G5  Any brand suitable model 3800*1700*2230
360KW/400KW QSZ13-G3 Any brand suitable model 3800*1700*2230
200KW/220KW NT855-GA Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
200KW/--------- MTA11-G2A Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
200KW/--------- MTA11-G2 Any brand suitable model  3600*1400*2140
200KW/250KW NTA855-G1 Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
220KW/--------- NTA855-G1A Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
250KW/--------- MTAA11-G3 Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
250KW/275KW NTA855-G1B Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
250KW/275KW NTA855-G2 Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
275KW/--------- NTA855-G2A Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
280KW/--------- NTA855-G4 Any brand suitable model 3600*1400*2140
292KW/--------- NTAA855-G7 Any brand suitable model 3800*1500*2160
360KW/--------- NTAA855-G7A Any brand suitable model 3800*1500*2160
292KW/350KW KTA19-G2 Any brand suitable model 3800*1600*2230
320KW/--------- QSNT-G3 Any brand suitable model 3800*1600*2230
360KW/410KW KTA19-G3 Any brand suitable model 3800*1600*2230
400KW/450KW KTA19-G3A Any brand suitable model 3900*1600*2230
400KW/450KW KTA19-G4 Any brand suitable model 3900*1600*2230
240KW/270KW 1506A-E88TAG5 Any brand suitable model 3500*1400*2080
280KW/320KW 2206C-E13TAG2 Any brand suitable model 3700*1500*2230
320KW/320KW 2206C-E13TAG3 Any brand suitable model 3800*1500*2230
364KW/400KW 2506C-E15TAG1 Any brand suitable model 3900*1500*2230
400KW/400KW 2506C-E15TAG2 Any brand suitable model 4000*1500*2230
220KW/250KW P126TI Any brand suitable model 3600*1450*1950
240KW//275KW P126TI-II Any brand suitable model 3600*1450*1950
292KW/320KW P158LE-1 Any brand suitable model 3600*1700*2130
326KW/355KW P158LE Any brand suitable model 3600*1700*2130
363KW/392KW P158FE Any brand suitable model 3600*1700*2180
370KW/416KW DP158LC Any brand suitable model 3700*1650*2230
410KW/462KW P180FE Any brand suitable model 3800*1950*2450
423KW/453KW DP158LD Any brand suitable model 3700*1650*2230
459KW/500KW DP180LA Any brand suitable model 3800*1950*2450
510KW/543KW DP180LB Any brand suitable model 3900*1950*2450

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