AOSIF 800KW 1000KVA Containerized generator set with high performance price

AOSIF 800KW 1000KVA new industry container electric power large diesel generators 
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
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  800KW  1000KVA Container Type Soundproof Canopy Diesel Generator Set

AOSIF ACSP series generator set is design in accordance with ISO/TC104 standard size, rational construction, to make sure the generator set will not be damaged due to under high pressure in transport, and is suitable for ship ACSP series is a containerized power station which AOSIF company adopts the international standard container as a generator silent canopy. The reasonable structure design make sure the generator set be not damaged due to withstanding high pressure and load during the transportation, and it is suitable for shipping directly, the specification are: 20&40 Feets, and widened, heightened container, which include weatherproof type and soundproof type according to its function. That series generator set could easily move to the required location and run in the most demanding condition. These generator sets all adopts the first-level reliable diesel engine as the power, and equipped with international quality brushless synchronous alternator.

Performance feature:

-In accordance with the international standard of container, easy to transport.
-Keep standard container main structure, solid and durable.
-High protection class, suitable for harsh environment. 
-More reasonable air inlet/outlet design to ensure the continuous power supply.

Containerized generator set

     AOSIF company adopts the international 20ft and 40ft standard container as a generator silent canopy.and adopting acoustics and air flow advanced technology,it reduce the noise of the silent generator set is applicable to the places which have strict noise pollution request like hospital,office building,outdoor fixed site construction place.special designed weatherproof, snowproof,sandproof container canopy can be used according to customers request.this type of generator set is easily and convenient operate.

AOSIF Soundproof Enclosure Specification:

AOSIF silent generator is designed by professional  acoustic engineers based on 18 years experience.

★ multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantee the power performance of the generator.

★ large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reduce noise of the generator. 
★ Internal high performance rubber damper and flexible materials reduce vibration. 
★ Base mounted fuel tank supports the generator running  for 8 hours. 
★ Cold steel materials of the canopy. 
★ Best powder paint. 
★ Zinc plated and Corrosion resistance.
★ Elegant appearance and reliable quality. 
★ Stainless steel locks and hinges.
★ Access to all weather conditions.
★ Fireproof, waterproof and dustproof. 
★ High quality soundproof materials could efficiently reduce noise. 
★ Big base fuel tank in the frame guarantee sufficient diesel supply. 
★ 180° revolvable and disassemble door for easy mainteanny. 
★ Concave lockable access door for easy operation and indefectible. 
★ Lights inside of the canopy for mainteanny. 
★ Transparent viewing window make the control panel clear at a glance.
★ Emergency stop button mounted on the canopy exterior for urgency.  
★ Cooling fluid injection hole is kept on the ceiling crust. 
★ Pipe of lube oil and cooling fluid is mounted on the bottom of generator for easy let.
★ Fuel fill and battery can easy be accessed by lockable door. 
★ Cooling fan and battery are fully guarded. 
★ Heat insulation of exhaust smoke system inside the canopy. 
★ Forkman slot is for choice.
★ Lifting ear is mounted in the base frame. 

AOSIF generator
Models of engine applied for the Container Modified Silent Canopy  (20, 40 feet)
CCEC Engine:
20GPBase Built-in Fuel Tank 20GP900L Daily Fuel Tank placed inside the container 40HQDaily Fuel Tank placed inside the container
NT855-GA KTA19-G2 KT38-G QSK38-G5
NTA855-G1 KTA19-G3 KT38-GA KTA50-G3
NTA855-G1A KTA19-G3A KTA38-G1 KTA50-G8
NTA855-G1B KTA19-G4 KTA38-G2 KTA50-GS8
NTA855-G2 KTA19-G8 KTA38-G2A KTA50-G9
NTA855-G2A KTAA19-G5 KTA38-G2B
NTA855-G3 KTAA19-G6 KTA38-G4
NTA855-G4 KTAA19-G6A KTA38-G5
20GPBase Built-in Fuel Tank 20GP900L Daily Fuel Tank placed inside the container 40HQDaily Fuel Tank placed inside the container
1306A-E87TAG4 2506C-E15TAG1 4006-23TAG2A 4012-46TWG2A
1306A-E87TAG6 2506C-E15TAG2 4006-23TAG3A 4012-46TWG3A
1606A-E93TAG4 2806C-E18TAG1A 4008TAG2A 4012-46TWG4A
1606A-E93TAG5 2806A-E18TAG2 4012-46TAG2A
2206C-E13TAG2 4012-46TAG3A

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