AOSIF Best All Power 20KW-70kw Generator Silent Diesel Generator

AOSIF All Power Silent Diesel Generator set
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    Leroy somer/Stamford/Marathon/AOSIF
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    1 year
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    Deepsea/ ComAp
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AOSIF 20KW-70kw Standard Type Soundproof Canopy diesel generator set

The ASP series silent type generator is made according with ISO standards, And in conformity with the current and pending law about the safety requirements and environmental requirements of working environment, AOSIF generator sets all pass the strict test, can run under the most demanding working conditions.

Performance feature:

• Weatherproof, sturdy and durable.

• Powder coat, with excellent anti-corrosion performance.

• Full considering the security, to ensure safe operation and maintenance.

• Easy operation.  

standard silent generator

AOSIF Soundproof Enclosure Description

Single door on both side of enclosure, 

Upward exhaust. 
Silencer is installed inside the enclosure.  

Suitable for the models as below: 

CUMMINS:  DCEC 4B series   50Hz: 22KW-64KW   60Hz: 24KW-72KW
PERKINS:   50Hz: 7KW-64KW   60Hz: 9KW-73KW   
DOOSAN:   50Hz: 6.4KW-20KW   60Hz: 7.2KW-24KW

Generator set with double side single-door structure , as shown below:

Prime Power Engine Model Alternator Standard Structure Dimension (mm)
22KW/24KW 4B3.9-G1 Any brand suitable model  Upward exhaust ;
Silencer installed inside the canopy
22KW/24KW 4B3.9-G2 Any brand suitable model 2350*1000*1250
32KW/36KW 4BT3.9-G1 Any brand suitable model 2350*1000*1250
32KW/36KW 4BT3.9-G2 Any brand suitable model 2350*1000*1250
40KW/-------- 4BTA3.9-G2 Any brand suitable model 2350*1000*1250
45KW/52KW 4BTA3.9-G2 Any brand suitable model 2450*1000*1250
52KW/60KW 4BTA3.9-G2 Any brand suitable model 2450*1000*1250
64KW/72KW 4BTA3.9-G11 Any brand suitable model  2550*1000*1250
7KW/--------- 403A-11G1 Any brand suitable model 1900*1000*1440
7KW/9KW 403D-11G Any brand suitable model 1900*1000*1440
10KW/-------- 403A-15G1 Any brand suitable model 1900*1000*1440
10KW/13KW 403D-15G Any brand suitable model 1900*1000*1440
12KW/14KW 403A-15G2 Any brand suitable model 1900*1000*1440
16KW/-------- 404A-22G1 Any brand suitable model 2000*1000*1440
16KW/19KW 404D-22G Any brand suitable model  2000*1000*1440
22KW/26KW 404D-22TG Any brand suitable model 2000*1000*1440
24KW/28KW 1103A-33G Any brand suitable model 2250*1000*1550
36KW/43KW 1103A-33TG1 Any brand suitable model 2250*1000*1550
48KW/55KW 1103A-33TG2 Any brand suitable model 2250*1000*1550
52KW/61KW 1104A-44TG1 Any brand suitable model 2500*1000*1550
64KW/73KW 1104A-44TG2 Any brand suitable model 2500*1000*1550
6.4KW/7.2KW SP103NA/SP103NE Any brand suitable model 2090*600*1300
12KW/14.5KW SP173NA/SP173NC Any brand suitable model 2170*600*1300
14.5KW/19KW SP224NA/SP224NC Any brand suitable model 2290*600*1300
20KW/24KW SP244TA/SP224TC Any brand suitable model 2450*730*1420

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