AOSIF Doosan 20KW 25KVA an compact generating set backup electric

AOSIF 50HZ 60HZ power 20KW 25KVA doosan diesel generator made in China.
  • Brand:

  • item no.:

  • product origin:

    Xiamen Fujian
  • Prime Power:

  • Engine:

  • Alternator:

    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
  • Frequency:

  • controller:

    Deepsea 6120
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AOSIF Standby 20KW 25kva Doosan Diesel Generator Set

♦ Assembled by Doosan diesel engine and Leroy Somer alternator. 
         ♦ Three filters as standard, fuel and water separator as optional.

♦ Radiator and fan with safety guard.

♦ Single bearing alternator IP 23, Insulation Class H.

♦ Heavy duty steel as base frame and 8hrs operation base fuel tank.
♦ Automatic control panel and 3 poles circuit breaker, internal cable.

♦ 12V battery, battery wires.
          ♦ Battery charger and float battery charger as standard supply scope.

♦ Optional soundproof canopy, ATS, synchronization panel, movable trailers. 

    Genset Open Version                                                                               Genset Soundproof Version

Open Type (Standard Configuration)   
Soundproof  Type       
Overall Size: 1450×630 ×1120mm(L*W*H)   
Overall size: 1500× 780×1320mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 772kg  
Weight: 1000kg       

General feature: 60HZ/1800rpm 

Genset Model AD28
Prime Power 20KW / 25KVA
Standby Power 22KW / 28KVA
Frequency/Speed 50Hz/1500rpm
Standard Voltage 220/400V
Available Voltage 230V/430V
Phases Three phases, four wires
Manufacturer Xiamen AOSIF Engineering LTD. 

Doosan Engine Data:

 Manufacturer   Doosan Infracore Co.,Ltd.
 Model SP224TA
 Engine speed 1500rpm
Engine type n-line 4 cycle, water cooled; Turbo charged & intercooled (air to air)
Cylinder quantity 4 line
Fuel Consumption 24L/H
 Displacement 2.4

Doosan Generator Technical Data

Why choose AOSIF for your power generation supplier

1. with more than 19 years experience,and clients in more than 100 countries,AOSIF is the rising star in generators today.

2. Our company has advance testing center and the most advanced testing facilities.we test each Genet before delivery and package items carefully to ensure our clients to receive products in their best condition.

3. AOSIF productions are submit to IS08525 GB/T2820-97,and CE certification and quality certified by ISO9001/ system to guarantee high quality products and service.

4. 100% factory outlets:manufacture supply directly,reduce business links.real high performance price.we are the approval OEM partner of Cummins, Perkins.Doosan, Leroy somer,stadform which can promise our clients high quality at best prise.

5. We stand behind our products with friendly,expert support.our department will be full-responsibility and fast support to every of you technical issues.and provide solution to repair or replace your generator.

 Please contact us,our specialist are willing to discuss the power and performance needs to ensure you select the best unit for your needs 

Prime power/
Standby power
Engine model Fuel
Cylinder Displacement
KVA KW L/h (mm) 
AD8 7/8 5.4/6 SP103NA 24 3L 1 1090x500x1000 353
AD15 14/15 11/12 SP173NA 24 3L 1.6 1170x500x1000 434
AD19 18/19 14/15 SP224NA 24 4L 2.2 1290x500x1000 494
AD28 25/28 20/22 SP244TA 24 4L 2.4 1450x630x1120 772
AD171 150/171 120/137 DP086TA 33.7 6L 8.1 2280x950x1730 1450
AD186 168/186 134/148 P086TI-I 35.4 6L 8.1 2600x950x1550 1450
AD225 200/225 160/180 P086TI 43.1 6L 8.1 2600x950x1550 1800
AD254 229/254 183/203 DP086LA 48.7 6L 8.1 2600x950x1730 1800
AD310 275/310 220/248 P126TI 58.1 6L 11.1 2750x1100x1550 2280
AD338 300/338 240/270 P126TI-II 63.1 6L 11.1 2750x1100x1550 2380
AD406-I 365/406 292/325 DP126LB 78.7 8V 14.6 2850x1400x1850 2600
AD406-II 365/406 292/325 P158LE-I 78.7 8V 14.6 2850x1400x1850 2600
AD468 408/468 326/374 P158LE 89.3 8V 14.6 2850x1400x1850 2650
AD500 454/500 363/400 P158FE 105.1 8V 14.6 2850x1400x1850 2820
AD511 450/511 370/409 DP158LC 99.6 8V 14.6 2950x1400x1870 3100
AD564 520/564 410/451 P180FE 120.4 10V 18.3 3100x1650x2130 3250
AD580 529/580 423/464 DP158LD 115.1 8V 18.3 2950x1400x1870 3350
AD631 574/631 459/505 DP180LA 123.6 10V 21.9 3150x1650x2130 3500
AD703 638/703 510/562 DP180LB 136.4 10V 21.9 3200x1650x2130 3750
AD715 650/715 520/572 P222FE 148.5 12V 21.9 3620x1650x2150 3850
AD752 688/752 550/602 DP222LB 147.1 12V 21.9 3500x1650x2150 3850
AD825 750/825 600/660 DP222LC 161 12V 21.9 3500x1650x2150 4100

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