AOSIF Electric 3 Phase Perkins Generator 10Kw 30KW Small Diesel Standby Genset

Aosif Electric 3 Phase Generator 10Kw Small Diesel Standby Genset Price For Sale
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
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10KW 30KW Perkins diesel generator set

General feature:

♦ Assembled by Perkins diesel engine and Leroy Somer alternator. 
        ♦ Three filters as standard, fuel and water separator as optional.

♦ Radiator and fan with safety guard.

♦ Single bearing alternator IP 23, Insulation Class H.

♦ Heavy duty steel as base frame and 8hrs operation base fuel tank.
♦ Automatic control panel and 3 poles circuit breaker, internal cable.

♦ 12V battery, battery wires.
        ♦ Battery charger and float battery charger as standard supply scope.

♦ Optional soundproof canopy, ATS, synchronization panel, movable trailers. 

    Genset Open Version                                                                             Genset Soundproof Version

Open Type (Standard Configuration)                                                                    Soundproof  Type                                           

Overall Size: 1750×750 ×1230mm(L*W*H)                                                              Overall size: 2250× 1000×1550mm(L*W*H)

Weight: 880kg                                                                                                         Weight: 1280kg                                    

Generator Detail

Our Sales Promises

★ AOSIF Engineering provides a full line of brand new and high quality products. Each and every unit is strictly factory tested before shipment. 
★ Quality Warranty is according to our standard conditions: 12 months from BL date or 1,000 running hours, whichever comes first. 
★ Service and parts are available from XIAMEN AOSIF Engineering Ltd. or distributors in your location.  
★ All the products from Xiamen AOSIF Engineering Ltd. is CE marked. 

Prime power/
Standby power
Engine model Fuel
Cylinder Displacement
KVA KW L/h (mm) 
AP10-I 9/10 7/8 403A-11G1     3 3L 1.1 1370×750×1050           450
AP10-II     9/10 7/8 403D-11G 2.6 3L 1.1 1370×750×1050 450
AP14-I 13/14 10/11 403A-15G1 3.7 3L 1.5 1370×750×1050 550
AP14-II 13/14 10/11   403D-15G 3.6 3L 1.5 1400×750×1050 550
AP17 15/17 12/13 403A-15G2 5 3L 1.5 1400×750×1050 560
AP22-I 20/22 16/18 404A-22G1 5.3 4L 2.2 1510×750×1050 650
AP22-II 20/22 16/18 404D-22G 5.3 4L 2.2 1510×750×1050 630
AP28 28/30 22/24 404D-22TG 7.1 4L 2.2 1570×750×1050 700

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