AOSIF Gas Generator Set

AOSIF'S Natural Gas Generator Set
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
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AOSIF'S Natural Gas Generator Set

AOSIF series natural gas generator set is a new type of generating equipment developed & designed to meet the requirements of environmental protection and new trends of market with wide power range and super high cost performance. 


The AOSIF gas generator set is modified from a world well-known brand diesel engine with the power range from 25KW to 500KW, and has the following features:

 1. In addition to gas components, most of the accessories retain the general parts of the diesel engine, which is convenient for maintenance, shortens the supply cycle of accessories and improves the interchangeability. 

 2. Various ignition systems and air intake mixing control systems are optional for selection according to demand with more flexibility.

 3. The performance, structure & components of the modified model are similar to other brand original gas engine, and the output power has been all calibrated by experiment, which is almost the same as that of the diesel engine.

Perkins - Lyle series imported from Britain
0.8 PF, 50HZ, 3P4W, Brushless self-excitation, IP23, H level, Apply to: natural gas, pipeline gas.
Aosif model Rated powerKW) Engine model  Leroy-Somer
AGP383N 306 4006-23TRS1 LSA 46.2 VL12
AGP468N 374 4006-23TRS2 LSA 47.2 M7
AGP531N 425 4008-30TRS1 LSA 47.2 M7
AGP625N 500 4008-30TRS2 LSA 49.1 S4A
AGP1094N 875 4016-61TRS1 LSA  49.1 L11
AGP125N 1000 4016-61TRS1 LSA 50.2 M6

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