• The AOSIF Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet!
    The AOSIF Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet! 2019-09-13
    Mid-Autumn Festival | The AOSIF Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet and the Second "Passion Cup" Basketball Match! Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet “Moon cake gambling” is a unique Mid-Autumn Festival traditional activity in Southern Fujian for hundreds of years. Not only It is a unique moon cake culture, but also It is the inheritance of history by people in Southern Fujian. "Passion Cup" The "Passion Cup" Basketball Match was announced to start by the referee. The 2nd"Passion Cup" basketball match officially started. After the award of the basketball match, the main event officially began. The host firstly invited the General Manager Mr.Wu to make a speech for the dinner. While affirming the efforts of all staffs in AOSIF, he also placed higher expectations. Finally, Mr.Wu announced that the activity of Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cake gambling, was officially started. Banquet The exciting event started. Everyone gathered around the table staring at six noisy dices which were thrown into the big bowl set on the middle of table by players, and concentrated on the moment when the dice was released. Moon cake gambling Looking at the gifts piled up like mountains on the table, all player exerts their highest strength to joint in the game, the dice rotates and turns. everyone has a champion dream in his heart...Round by round,  the humor when winning the gift, the expectation when losing in the present round, laughter & happiness in the faces, like a family gathering and reunion. It really is a 'Happy Mid-Autumn Festival’ of AOSIF Members. Champion King Dang Dang... In the fierce struggle, the top prize winners of every table were born. They came to the middle stage to receive awards, all of them held the top prize gifts and red envelopes, filled with happy smiles! Guess riddle After the fierce Ace of Aces Competition, Administration Department prepared an additional surprising activities for us, which is the guessing lantern riddles to win red envelopes. People, things, harmony and beauty; full moon, family reunion, in this beautiful Moment at full moon, let us wish A “safety and happiness” to very family in AOSIF!
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  • Teacher's Day | Teacher, you worked hard!
    Teacher's Day | Teacher, you worked hard! 2019-09-10
    Summer heat dissolves, the autumn wind hits, and a holy festival - Teacher's Day has come to the beautiful campus! Some people say that the teacher's life is like a long sentence, the hardship is the attribute, the patience is the adverbial, the enthusiasm is the complement; the selflessness is the predicate, the devotion is the object; others say that the teacher's life is like a radical sign, stacks of homework has opened countless squares for her youth. And I want to say: "Teachers like lilies, a flower while unfolding, a fruit when condensed!" ,“Teachers like a Morning Star, a guiding lamp in the distance and a flame in the near!”. AOSIF hereby blesses all teachers, A Happy Teacher's Day!
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  • Knowledge Sharing of Solar Terms
  • August 7th is the Chinese Valentine's Day!
  • The August 1st Chinese Liberation Army Day !
  • Season Greetings from AOSIF
    Season Greetings from AOSIF 2019-07-23
    Season Greetings from AOSIF Today is Great Heat, the 12th term of the 24th solar terms in Chinese lunar calendar. It is the hottest time in most parts of China every year. Don't forget to make up yourselves by taking extra nourishment in the hottest summer days Prevention of heatstroke by protecting yourselves from sunshine and relieving heat.
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  • Report from 12th Vietnam International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition
    Report from 12th Vietnam International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2019-07-22
    Vietnam International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition shorter form as “VIETNAM ETE” is a professional exhibition held by Vietnamese electric power industry once every year with the support of the government since 2008.  This year it was held in Ho Chi Minh City, an economically developed city in Vietnam from July 17 to 20, 2019, and quite many of well-known enterprises around the world participated in this event. Exhibition State As a well-known brand in Vietnam’s market, AOSIF participated in this event in cooperation with local agent in Vietnam @ booth number of 89.90, displaying the hot sale product - 200 KVA prime power genset powered by Cummins engine model 6CTAA8.3G2. This is an industry feast, but also a harvest trip. During the exhibition, the AOFIS Stand attracted attentions from various visitors extensively. Our Staffs on-site had conducted in-depth communication and exchanged views with visitor(customer)s around power solutions, product characteristics and practical applications, which has won the high recognition of customers.  AOSIF has come all the way with and always adhered to the spirit of Ardor, Obligation, Sincerity, Innovation and friendship, and has left the image of progress in every international exhibitions. Meanwhile the world also see the unique and simple design, the professional team, high quality products and multi-professional power system solutions from AOSIF.
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  • Fire drill
    Fire drill 2019-06-27
    In Summer and winter seasons, the weather is windy and dry, which is the high incidence of fire. There are more combustibles and fire sources in industrial & residential use of power, and various possible factors of fire are existing & increasing there in factory.  In order to improve the awareness of fire prevention, popularize fire knowledge, master the knowledge and skills of fire escape and self-rescue, and effectively prevent all kinds of fire accidents, AOSIF organized a fire drill in Changtai factory on the afternoon of June 27, 2019. Drill site At 4:00 p.m., as the fire alarm sounded, all staff on duty quickly and orderly evacuated to the safety zone in front of the factory along the safety designated escape route according to the emergency plan. The whole process took only 2 minutes and the drill was achieved in safe, fast and orderly. Fire knowledge field popularizing and explanation of fire extinguisher using Common methods of using fire extinguishers: 1. Turn the bottle upside down several times before use to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder, and then remove the lead seal. 2. Pull out the safety lock pin. 3. Hold the spraying hose in your left hand. 4. Hold the press handle in your right hand. 5. At about two meters away from the flame, press down the handle with your right hand, swing the hose with your left hand, and spray dry powder over the burning area until the fire is completely extinguished. A false ignition point in the open area of factory Field exercise The fire drill let all people know more about fire safety knowledge, made the use of fire extinguishing devices clearer, and improved their ability to deal with emergencies. At the same time, it strengthened the construction of four abilities of fire safety (the ability of checking and eliminating hidden fire hazards, the ability of organizing fire fighting at the beginning, the ability of organizing evacuation of personnel and the ability of fire propaganda, education and training). Fire safety work is always in the ongoing state. AOSIF is setting up a real sense of safety to prevent all kind of dangers and to protect factory fire safety to realize the combination of prevention and control by the daily factory management with full efforts. Reminder: There are differences between simulated exercises and real life. The awareness of fire prevention should not be forgotten. Although it is an exercise, we must have the awareness of prevention in our daily life and eliminate the occurrence of hidden safety hazards in factories.
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  • Review of Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019
    Review of Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019 2019-06-17
    On June 12-14, Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019 was held in Binh Duong, a key industrial town in Vietnam. This Fair, an annual exhibition of industrial products, has become one of the most influential exhibitions in Vietnam industrial field. Both of its scale and influence are increasing day by day, and covering the whole Southeast Asia areas. As a well-known brand in Vietnam’s market, AOSIF appears again on the exhibition in cooperation with local agents in Vietnam with booth number of A131, showing our main product - 200 KVA prime unit powered by Cummins 6CTAA8.3G2 engine coupling with Leroy Somer LSA46.3S3 alternator. To provide continuous and stable power guarantee for the majority of users. Following the production principle of "High-quality & high-efficiency", AOSIF products have been received well reputation, and once again on this Fair it has attracted many customer to stop at the booth and negotiate for cooperation. Concentrated on the R&D and manufacturing of generator sets, AOSIF has been continuously committed to build the high-quality power equipment and power solutions for his customers to meet their maximum market demand. Focusing on the world-wide, to build an international brand, and to create value for customers are the constant commitment and eternal pursuit of all the AOSIF people.
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