• Be civilized in the memorial holiday of Qingming!
    Be civilized in the memorial holiday of Qingming! 2020-04-04
    Sincere reminder from AOSIF Sacrifice to ancestors, memory in heart & peace in first!
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  • The opening ceremony for AOSIF second phase of the plant.
    The opening ceremony for AOSIF second phase of the plant. 2020-03-09
    On the afternoon of March 6th, AOSIF held a grand opening ceremony for the second phase of the plant in his production base located in Changtai economic development zone. Mr. Wu, General manager, personally announced formally the start commencement of phase II plant. The management teams set off fireworks and cheered for the commencement ceremony. The expansion of Phase II plant covers an area of 8828.08 square meters and a building area of 8828.08 square meters.  The workshop will be built A single-layer steel structure to meet the requirements of automatic (intelligent) production workshop for large-scale power generation equipment.  After the completion of the second phase of the plant, it will further improve and expand the production capacity of AOSIF and meet the needs to produce high-end new energy power generation equipment. —— E N D ——
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  • 3.8 To every goddess!
    3.8 To every goddess! 2020-03-12
    Daughter, wife, mother   There are many "appellations"   in Women's life.  The world is beautiful because of you. Flower skirt and high-heeled shoes are your preference. T-shirt and jeans are your favorite Queen's day or goddess's Day. Women's festivals should be full of love. On this special day, AOSIF well prepared A FANTASTIC nut gift box for the goddesses. AOSIF wishes all females in the world a smooth work, a happy life,healthier body and be more beautiful in 2020!
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  • the Lantern Festival!
    the Lantern Festival! 2020-02-24
     Reunion at this moment when Lanterns light up in thousands of families!
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    HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 2020-01-24
    Good luck & all the best to all of you!
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  • New Year's day
    MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019-12-24
    Greetings  from AOSIF
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  • Novaland Expo DEC‘19
    Novaland Expo DEC‘19 2019-12-11
    The 126th Vietnam newland Expo was held in Binh Khanh Marina, District 2, Ho ChiMinh City from December 4 to December 8, 2019. As a long-term partner of Novaland (a well-known group company in Vietnam whose main business involves large-scale real estate, automobile and IT), AOSIF was invited to participate in the Expo jointly with local agents (Booth No.: a16-17). Over the years, AOSIF has established a good cooperative relationship with Novaland and provided stable and reliable standby power equipment and services for its various projects. AOSIF's high-quality products are widely welcomed and appreciated by local users. In line with the market development vision of Novaland in 2020, we believe that more and more AOSIF brand gensets will appear in the Vietnamese market. There were a large number of visitors to our Booth, and our salesmen were giving warm and detailed answers to the guests who came to visit and consult.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ...
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  • Thanks for your accompanying us all the way.
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