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One.Aosif cultural view:

Inner sageliness and outer kingliness——clear inner world, smooth external world.

The concept of corporate culture refers to a kind of thought, theory that one corporation embraces, it is a theoretical foundation of corporate culture, it is a kind of artistic conception of corporate culture to be achieved.

"inner sageliness and outer kingliness" was firstly seen in "Chuang-tzu world",although it was not the Confucian initiative, but Confucianism sticks to"inner sageliness and outer kingliness", it refers to the virtue of a sage, the principle of the external application of king is the essence of Chinese ideology.

"inner sageliness and outer kingliness" is a highest state in which people cultivate.

''inner sageliness "refers to the art of resting to restore energy, no matter what the people is doing in reality, he can be able to mentally go beyond everything in the reality and achieve free and unfettered free as long as the " inner sageliness " can reach;"outer kingliness " is a political leadership, while the subjective has no intention to do things, he has put all things should do to do in perfect order in objective reality. The one in the highest realm of ideology can get spiritual joy from the secular life while in society and get secular benefits from monastic life. That’s clear inner world and smooth external world from practical significance .Companies, like people, Chinese traditional culture be particular about inside and outside repairing of the individual, and the survival and development of enterprise also needs that, by perfecting the management system and mechanism of inner-enterprise, making the enterprise be in an impregnable position in the external market competition environment and getting it right.

Two. AOSIF Values: Harmony and mutual benefit

Values refers to the basic beliefs, adherence to target and evaluation standard of being highly praised when the enterprise in process of pursuit of success. Tripartite win-win harmony is the AOSIF basic belief, which includes customers win, staff to win and enterprise to win.

Three. AOSIF Mission: to create best products for customers, realize employee’s dream, achieve enterprise sustainable development and contribute to society.

Enterprise mission is the concrete expression in the social economic status and role, what in the field of social enter prise is a division of labor, In which areas of the economy to do contribution to society.

Enterprise vision (purpose) is to show the enterprise long-term development direction, target, purpose, self-set of social responsibility and obligation, clearly define what the company looks like in the scope of the future society.

Enterprise mission , purpose of the enterprise with the enterprise vision alike, they don’t need to distinguish.

Four.AOSIF Development goal: China genset top brands, world famous brand.

Five.AOSIF Spirit: responsibility, loyalty,passion.

1 Responsibility:

A. Responsibility is the willingness to get the job done.

B. Responsibility is a kind of attitude to life.

C. Must first clear their responsibility and better take responsibility.

2 Loyalty:

A. Loyalty is a conscientious obligations.

B. Loyalty to the enterprise also is a kind of loyalty to their careers, and it’s a sign of a highly responsible to myself.

C. A loyal to the enterprise of talents is the enterprise value ideal talents, also will get the respect of the society.

3 Passion:

A. Passion is the work of the power, the power of positive action, and the guarantee of complete the task well.

B. Passion is the best state.

C. Passion is never say die, failure is only a chance to study and learn.

Six.AOSIF Corporate Philosophy:

1. Development Concept: unswervingly take the road of sustainable development.

2. Win-win Concept: One should help others be developed then will developed, one should help others succeed then will succeed.

3.Business Philosophy: professional services to meet customer demand, to achieve sales and profits.

4.Market Concept: only the ideas of the off-season,no off-season market.

5.Competition Concept: competition is the eternal theme in the market,promoting development in competition.

6.Service Concept: to the user as the center, the urgent user anxious.

7.Customer Relationship Concept: the customer is never wrong.

8. Quality Concept: continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, and to maximize customer satisfaction.

9I.Production Concept: high quality, high efficiency.

10.Security Concept: pay attention to safety, the source of happiness.

11.Innovative Idea: The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary.

12.Opportunity Idea: The opportunity only be given to the people who prepares well.

13.Talent Concept: Talent is the enterprise's largest capital.

14. Organize ideas: obedience is a virtue.

15.Team Concept: we are an organization, strict,harmonious and warm family.

16.Philosophy: learning is the ladder of the progress of people.

17.Management: management is a serious love, all start from communication.

18.Survival Philosophy: development, only to survive.

19.Cost Concept: control each link of every penny.

Seven.Work Style: Strict pragmatic, Act now.

Eight.Employee Code of Conduct: Three Discipline, Eight Note.

1 Three Discipline:

1. Legal compliance.

2. Have Integrity and Be Public-spirited.

3. Subject leadership.

2 Eight Note

1. Honest and trustworthy.

2. Love and dedication.

3. Expand enterprising.

4. Unity and mutual assistance.

5. Rigorous practical.

6. Action with vigor.

7. Keep secret.

8. Civilized manners.

Nine.AOSIF Corporate Image:

9.1 Corporate Public Image: honesty pragmatic, development and innovation.

9.2 Staff Image: healthy, sincere,pragmatic, enterprising.

9.3 Product Image: super quality and competitive price.

9.4 Enterprise Environment Image: clean and bright.

Ten.AOSIF Corporate Logo: AOSIF

Ardour  Obligation   Sincerity   Innovation   Friendship

Eleven. AOSIF Image Language:

The best choice of your power system.

Twelve.Enterprise culture construction:

1. Employee training education:

Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise that normalize the value orientation of the enterprise and the worker's code of conduct. Both have continuity and advancement. Leaders at alll evels to governs incorruptibly, combined with the founding learning type enterprise, systematic, targeted to carry out full training and education work,and promote the content of the "corporate culture handbook", make the spirit of enterprise, enterprise concept, style of work, business goals and values, etc. enterprise culture, rooted hearts.

2 .system construction:

Enterprise culture and enterprise management system is depend on each other and with the dialectical relations of interaction. The institutionalization of advanced enterprise culture is to make the spirit of enterprise, the enterprise idea concretely turn into the management system to adapt to the market competition, and to ensure that the construction of enterprise culture and to consolidate the achievements of enterprise culture with a system.

3 .Image construction:

Enterprise image is the external performance of enterprise inner quality and an important content to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market. According to the requirements of the"corporate culture handbook", establishing the learning-type enterprise image of honesty pragmatic, innovation and development, and corporate image through the staff image, product image and corporate environmental image to concrete manifestation. Therefore, the frequently used items, like the logo of the enterprise, staff dress and management place, will reflect the characteristics of enterprise culture. Each worker in post operation should be in accordance with the requirements of the "corporate culture handbook" and provide services, external exchanges and everywhere in public places should be in word and deed to reflect this enterprise's proper manner, and maintain the enterprise image.

4 .Typical Demonstration:

Advanced typical character and the typical story is the symbol of enterprise spirit & the good idea, which has a strong demonstration, radiation and inheritance, and to energetically find,cultivate, summary, recognition, propaganda and embody the advanced type of the spirit of enterprise and concept in each link, each work. Meanwhile, to give full play to the advanced typical "snowball effect", and to make the various levels & types of advanced typical constantly emerging by conducting ratio, learn, catch, super activities, so that the enterprise culture are widely recognized.

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