Doosan gas generator set

AOSIF Doosan gas engine generator
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
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AOSIF Doosan gas engine generator

Doosan gas engine generator

With a history of 118 years, Doosan is the oldest company in Korea and the fastest growing company in the past 10 years. Doosan has successfully achieved change and development through its people-oriented business philosophy. The power range of Doosan gas engine covers from 60KW-300KW, A total of five models. 

The Doosan gas engine has the following features:

1. With advanced combustion technology to ensure durable and reliable power.
2. Pay attention to the detailed design, such as the new design of cylinder spark plug hole, to improve thermal durability and reduce the wear rate of seat ring.
3. Adopt woodward speed control system, and the power is more smooth and safety.

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