Mitsubishi Series Generator Set

AOSIF Mitsubishi Series Diesel Generator Set

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    ASM Series
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/AOSIF
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AOSIF Mitsubishi Series Diesel Generators set

Genset Standard Configuration

◆  Assembled by Mitsubishi diesel engine and world famous brand alternator

◆  Radiator and fan with safety guard

◆  Automatic control panel and electricity output switch cabinet

◆  Float battery charger and solenoid switch as standard supply scope

◆  Built-in shock pad

◆  Strong and durable hi-strength base frame

  Optional voltage rank: 230V/400V, 220V/380V, 127V/220V, 240V/480V etc.

    Diesel engine


    Water tank radiator

    Automatic control panel

    Electricity output switch cabinet

    Built-in shock pad

    Hi-strength Base Frame

Standard Supply  Scope

① Exhaust silencer

② Bellow

③ Elbow and flange

                        ④ Starting battery

Optional supply scope


② Synchronization System

③ External daily fuel tank

④ Silent Canopy

⑤ Trailer

⑥ Auto Fuel Pump

⑦ Fuel and Water Separator

⑧ Lub Oil Heater

⑨ Coolant Heater

⑩ Fuel Drain Pump

Mitsubishi engine:

Shanghai MHI Engine Co., Ltd. is a joint venture set up by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi heavy industries, Ltd. The company produces the S6R2/S12R/S16R series engines with the technology authorized from MHI. The power range is from 500KW to 1800KW. These engines mostly were applied for the land generator sets.



 AVR  Standard
 Number of phase  Single/3
 Power factor  0.8/1
 Altitude  ≤ 1000 m
 Frequency  50/60Hz
 Number of pole  4
 Exciter type  Self-excitation
 Voltage regulation  ±0.5%
 Total harmonics(TGH/THC)  < 4 %
 Wave form: NEMA = TIF  < 50
 Wave form: I.E.C. = THF  < 2%
 ◆ Optional PMG excitation system

Alternator adopts brushless synchronization alternator of world famous brand, based on a variety of operating voltage requirements, optimizing winding design and eliminating effectively the third harmonic voltage, which together with the superior performance of automatic voltage regulator and PMG (optional), in with superior performance in generating non-linear loads.

◆ Forms: single/double bearing

◆ Protection:IP23(IP44 for option)

◆ Balance: rotator balance is in accordance with ISO1940 and NFC51-112 standard

◆ Overspeed: 2250rpm

◆ Insulation Class: class H

◆ Mechanical Structure: steel base frame

Control System——DeepSea 6120 Controller 

① Power switch

② Power indicator

③ Run button

④ LCD display

⑤ Emergency stop button

It is a self-starting control module at mains failure and is suitable for controlling a single genset. It provides advanced engine testing and protection functions. This module includes an LCD backlit display that clearly displays the engine running status. The module also includes 7-channel input and 6-channel output. Program can be set through the panel and PC software suite.


Deepsea 6120 controller provides such parameters as generator frequency, idling/overspeed, generator voltage, generator current, engine oil pressure, engine water temperature, flexible fuel level, running hour, battery voltage, start/stop failure, emergency stop, failure to meet operating voltage/frequency, charging failure, magnetic sensor signal loss, low battery voltage, three-phase mains voltage and mains frequency.


Protective functions:

◆ High water temperature

◆ Low oil pressure

◆ High/low voltage

◆ Over speed

◆ Voltage regulator frequency regulator

◆ Emergency stop

◆ Start failure

Product features:

◆ Protection: Automatic start/stop, load switching and genset alarm

◆ Magnetic sensor signal

◆ Parameters setting via PC and panel

◆ Incorporates 4-channel digital input signal and 3-channel analog input signal

◆ 6-channel output signal (4-channel customized output, CAN 6-channel customized output.)

◆ Monitoring of 3-phase generator voltage and mains voltage

◆ Remote loading/unloading

◆ Advanced measurement capabilities

◆ Test button

◆ Switch between mains and genset power

◆ Reasonable structure and button layout

◆ Multiple engine parameters can be tested simultaneously

◆ Module can be configured according to customer demand

◆ IP65 protection (soundproof)

Circuit breaker

Molded case circuitbreaker(MCCB)

63A TO 1600A

Air circuit breaker(ACB)

1600A TO 6300A

Breaking capacity(ICU)

18KA TO 120KA

Rated Operation Voltage(Ue)


Starting battery

Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity

80Ah to 200 Ah

Battery Model

maintenance-free battery

Aosif Soundproof Box-type Genset

Aosif soundproof box-type genset is designed by professional engineers with over a decade of experience.The noise of this kind of genset is controlled at 80-85dB(A) at 1m away, 70~75dB(A) at 7m away, 60~65dB(A) at 15m away.

★ Multiple air inlets/outlets ensure power performance of the genset.

★ Large composite impedance muffler effectively reduces the genset noise.

★ Internal high-performance rubber shock absorber and flexible materials can reduce vibration.  

★ Fuel tank at the bottom can enable the genset to work for 8 hours.

★ Soundproof enclosure is made by cold steel.

★ The best powder coating with chemical surface treatment ensure corrosion resistance and coating quality.

★ Nice appearance and reliable quality.

★ Stainless steel locks and hinges.

★ All-weather operation is available.

★ Fireproof, waterproof and dust-proof

★ High-performance insulation materials can effectively reduce noise.

★ Transparent sight glass allows users to clearly see the content of control panel.

★ Emergency stop button mounted outside the genset to facilitate emergency operations.

★ Coolant filler is set on the top of the enclosure.

★ Lubricant and coolant pipes are installed at the bottom of the genset to facilitate replacement with new lubricants and coolants.

★ Battery is accessible through the access door.

★ Cooling fan and battery are fully monitored.

★ Insulated exhaust system is installed inside the genset.

★ Type of forklift frame is optional.

★ 180° rotatable and detachable door is designed for ease of maintenance.

★ Concave lockable access door has a long lifetime.

★ Lights inside the genset are available for maintenance.

★ Lugs are mounted at the bottom of the base.

★ Top lifting mechanism is the stand configuration for high-power genset.

Weight  and Dimension

Our Commitments

★ Products and services all comply with ISO8528 and GB/T2820 manufacturing standards.

★ Management is implemented in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

★ All products are CE-certified.

★ All products have passed rigorous factory test to ensure high quality.

★ Product warranty terms are strictly enforced.

★ High-efficiency assembly and production lines ensure on-time delivery.

★ Professional, timely, thoughtful and dedicated services are offered.

★ Favorable and complete original accessories are supplied.

★ Regular and irregular technical training are provided all year round.

★ 24/7/365 Customer Service Center provides fast and effective responses to customers’ service demands.

Prime power/
Standby power
Engine model Fuel
Cylinder Displacement
KVA KW L/h (mm) 
ASM715 650/715 520/572 S6R2-PTA-C 140 6L 30 3770*1400*2000 6140
ASM825 750/825 600/660 S6R2-PTAA-C 165 6L 30 4100*1400*2150 6410
ASM1375 1250/1375 1000/1100 S12R-PTA-C 264 12V 49 4880*2000*2380 10560
ASM1512 1375/1512 1100/1210 S12R-PTA2-C 284 12V 49 4980*2000*2380 10560
ASM1650 1500/1650 1200/1320 S12R-PTAA2-C 350 12V 49 4980*2200*2380 10660
ASM1856 1688/1856 1350/1485 S16R-PTA-C 382 16V 65.4 5490*2190*2495 11410
ASM2063 1875/2063 1500/1650 S16R-PTA2-C 424 16V 65.4 5640*2170*2495 11710
ASM2200 2000/2200 1600/1760 S16R-PTAA2-C 452 16V 65.4 5920*2200*3286 13210
ASM2500 2250/2500 1800/2000 S16R2-PTAW-C 468 16V 65.4 6400*2600*2800 15200

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