• Happy teacher's Day!
  • Chinese valentine's day
    Chinese valentine's day 2020-08-25
    Chinese valentine's day
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  •  The Army Day.
    The Army Day. 2020-08-01
    The Army Day.  Remain true to our original aspiration, Guard thousands of family jointly with the army. 
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  • Official announcement
    Official announcement 2020-07-30
    Official announcement ▏20th Anniversary Logo officially released Part1: On January 12, 2021, it will be the 20th Anniversary day for AOSIF. In order to celebrate and commemorate this important day,  AOSIF specially organized the 20th Anniversary LOGO design competition.  Let's have a look at the works winning the competition! idea The overall color of the LOGO is warm, the simple number "20" full with AOSIF elements is expressing the meaning of "20th anniversary of AOSIF". The arc in the LOGO is like a rising sunrise to indicate that AOSIF is full of vitality, and in a state of going upward. In the tide of rapid economic development, AOSIF will continue to set sail as a striver! PART2 Aosif has specialized on the R & D and manufacturing of generator sets for since its founding, and accumulated rich manufacturing and service experience in this field. Thanks for the time, AOSIF will be "At the beginning of adulthood", looking back on the past,  pictures full of passion from ordinary integrates the history of development and struggle of AOSIF. aosif established in Xiamen in 2001 In 2005, 10 offices were set up in China, with sales all over the country In 2006, Foreign Trade Department was set up and began to enter the international market In 2009, officially became the Authorised OEM of Cummins, Perkins, Doosan In 2010, the factory moved to Xinglin, and won Cummins annual excellent OEM and awarded “Strategic Partner” from Leroy Somer. Sales firstly exceeded RMB100 million in 2011 In 2015, the factory moved to Changtai economic development zone and the new plant was put into operation In 2017, “Aosif global marketing center” set up in the third phase of Xiamen Software Park. In 2019,Fujian AOSIF has been awarded the National High-tech Enterprise In 2020,We are still writing brilliant After nearly 20 years of development, AOSIF has become strong and irresistible, and has made some achievements on the road of internationalization against waves and challenges.  Not only the 20th anniversary is a milestone in Aosif’s history,  but it is a new start. AOSIF will never forget its mission, uphold the value of "Ardor, Obligation, Sincerity, Innovation and Friendship" , and continues to set sail again as a fighter, with the original intention unchanged. The bright future can be expected! AOSIF Mission: To create value for customers; help the employees to realize the dreams; To be industry benchmark and continuously giving back to the society. AOSIF Vision: To be the top international brand of generator set
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  • Great Heat
    Great Heat 2020-07-22
     Great Heat (12th solar term), one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, which comes around July 23 every year, and is the hottest time in most parts of China.
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  • ACTIVITY REVIEW | Fujian Cloud Exhibition review
    ACTIVITY REVIEW | Fujian Cloud Exhibition review 2020-07-21
    Affected by the COVID-19, the "online exhibition" promotion has been pursued by people and continuously climbed to a new height. AOSIF followed the trend and actively participated in it. After taking part in the "Online Canton Fair" organized by the Ministry of Commerce in June, AOSIF was invited to participate in the "Fujian Cloud Exhibition" jointly organized by Alibaba and the Fujian Department of Commerce. Relying on alibaba's powerful e-commerce platform, this live broadcast fully and more intuitively lets the guests around the world know the factory appearance and various functional products of AOSIF.  Ok, let's have a look at the wonderful moment! The anchor of Ali international station came to visit our live broadcast, and answer questions from AOSIF TEAM how to make the live broadcast better & to show enterprise strength. Next, our live broadcast begins! Scene 1 7.11 11:00-1.00 First following our live broadcast team to visit AOSIF facilities and learn about our products. Scene 2    7.16 23:00-3.00 We believe that you may find a cost-effective generator set in AOSIF. That's all for our live broadcast review. Congratulations on the successful live broadcast. Through this activity, we have received a lot of feedback. In the era of new media,  AOSIF will be surely to walk out of a broad road of his own.
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  • The 127th online Canton Fair successfully closed!
    The 127th online Canton Fair successfully closed! 2020-06-30
    The 127th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has ended perfectly online. AOSIF, as one of the professional diesel generator manufacturers and exporters in China, has fully engaged and gathered with old and new friends on the cloud in this event, as well as demonstrated its high-quality products, services and its elegance to global customers in the form of live broadcast for the first time. Since the Ministry of Commerce decided in mid April that this (127th) Canton Fair will be held in "cloud", AOSIF acts immediately and held preparatory meetings times to make systematic arrangement so as to display its "image" and "optimal" products to buyers all over the world through the window on the "cloud" to the greatest extent. reparations then launched immediately and elaborately. Products collection, promotion & introduction drafts, broadcast plan & guide scripts, live broadcast equipment and props purchase etc. Two times of live broadcast were rehearsed, and pictures of detailed information of product were taken to release to the platform of online Canton Fair in advance. During the 10 day online exhibition, A total of 20 "live" activities were held, including the interactive live broadcast activities with major OEM partners in this industries such as Cummins, Leroy somer and Deep sea etc., which were affirmed and praised by Viewers. The 127th Canton Fair has attracted overseas buyers from 217 countries and regions around the world to register for viewing, which has set a record in the distribution of purchasers' sources, diversification and globalization, and further help to optimize the international market layout. sidelights of live broadcast Live show online is a new attempt, a new trend. AOSIF actively & willingly participates in and makes every effort to continuously expand its export and build an international brand with a global perspective.
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  • Dragon Boat Festival!
    Dragon Boat Festival! 2020-06-25
    May 5th in Chinese Lunar Calender is the Dragon Boat Festival, We pray for the peace of world when we drink the Pu liquor The Dragon Boat Festival, together with the Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, is known as one of the China's four traditional festivals. Since ancient times, there has been the activities of boat racing and eating “Zongzi” in Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival has been listed as national legal holidays since 2008. The COVID-19 outbreaking at the beginning of this year lets us understand to be more grateful and cherish Thanks to all the brave men and women who guard and take care of the AOSIF family In such Festival, AOSIF specially prepares the gifts for the all members of the family The staffs from Administrative Department are busily delivering the special festival welfare. The family happily receive the special Dragon Boat Festival welfare.   Outstanding because of his specialty AOSIF bless you moving forward through the waves & winds like a boat.
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  • Happy Father's Day!
    Happy Father's Day! 2020-06-20
     All children are growing up with eternal love AOSIF keeps the love going Happy Father's Day!
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