• Fire drill
    Fire drill 2019-06-27
    In Summer and winter seasons, the weather is windy and dry, which is the high incidence of fire. There are more combustibles and fire sources in industrial & residential use of power, and various possible factors of fire are existing & increasing there in factory.  In order to improve the awareness of fire prevention, popularize fire knowledge, master the knowledge and skills of fire escape and self-rescue, and effectively prevent all kinds of fire accidents, AOSIF organized a fire drill in Changtai factory on the afternoon of June 27, 2019. Drill site At 4:00 p.m., as the fire alarm sounded, all staff on duty quickly and orderly evacuated to the safety zone in front of the factory along the safety designated escape route according to the emergency plan. The whole process took only 2 minutes and the drill was achieved in safe, fast and orderly. Fire knowledge field popularizing and explanation of fire extinguisher using Common methods of using fire extinguishers: 1. Turn the bottle upside down several times before use to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder, and then remove the lead seal. 2. Pull out the safety lock pin. 3. Hold the spraying hose in your left hand. 4. Hold the press handle in your right hand. 5. At about two meters away from the flame, press down the handle with your right hand, swing the hose with your left hand, and spray dry powder over the burning area until the fire is completely extinguished. A false ignition point in the open area of factory Field exercise The fire drill let all people know more about fire safety knowledge, made the use of fire extinguishing devices clearer, and improved their ability to deal with emergencies. At the same time, it strengthened the construction of four abilities of fire safety (the ability of checking and eliminating hidden fire hazards, the ability of organizing fire fighting at the beginning, the ability of organizing evacuation of personnel and the ability of fire propaganda, education and training). Fire safety work is always in the ongoing state. AOSIF is setting up a real sense of safety to prevent all kind of dangers and to protect factory fire safety to realize the combination of prevention and control by the daily factory management with full efforts. Reminder: There are differences between simulated exercises and real life. The awareness of fire prevention should not be forgotten. Although it is an exercise, we must have the awareness of prevention in our daily life and eliminate the occurrence of hidden safety hazards in factories.
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  • Review of Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019
    Review of Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019 2019-06-17
    On June 12-14, Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2019 was held in Binh Duong, a key industrial town in Vietnam. This Fair, an annual exhibition of industrial products, has become one of the most influential exhibitions in Vietnam industrial field. Both of its scale and influence are increasing day by day, and covering the whole Southeast Asia areas. As a well-known brand in Vietnam’s market, AOSIF appears again on the exhibition in cooperation with local agents in Vietnam with booth number of A131, showing our main product - 200 KVA prime unit powered by Cummins 6CTAA8.3G2 engine coupling with Leroy Somer LSA46.3S3 alternator. To provide continuous and stable power guarantee for the majority of users. Following the production principle of "High-quality & high-efficiency", AOSIF products have been received well reputation, and once again on this Fair it has attracted many customer to stop at the booth and negotiate for cooperation. Concentrated on the R&D and manufacturing of generator sets, AOSIF has been continuously committed to build the high-quality power equipment and power solutions for his customers to meet their maximum market demand. Focusing on the world-wide, to build an international brand, and to create value for customers are the constant commitment and eternal pursuit of all the AOSIF people.
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  • Love on Father's Day!
  • May everything be fine for you in Dragon Boat Festival.
    May everything be fine for you in Dragon Boat Festival. 2019-06-10
    The Dragon Boat Festival comes in midsummer, and the daytime is getting better & longer. This year's Dragon Boat Festival, at the same time, it is also an important day for many students to take the national college entrance examination. AOSIF hereby wishes you all the best and Peace & Health in Dragon Boat Festival! Dragon Boat Festival, the fifth day of May according to Chinese lunar calendar, is the first non-heritage festival in the world selected from China. Since ancient times, there are activities like dragon boat competition, making and eating ZONGZI (a food used sticky rice wrapped by Bamboo leaf) during the Festival. Particularly, “Zongzi” has become a traditional food prepared for every family during the Dragon Boat Festival. On the occasion of Festival, AOSIF sincerely presents the customerized-made Zongzi and soft drinks to all employees. Looking back on the history of company's development, from winter to summer, all of you have always worked hard and dedicated so much to write a new chapter for the development of company. On this occasion, AOSIF wants to say Thanks to you all as each achievement we made is condensated with your sweat, wisdom and hard working. Warm reminder 1. Sticky rice should not be eaten too much at one time. 2. Sticky rice food should be eaten after heating. Cold Sticky rice food is not only hard, but also no easy to digest. 3. [Sticky rice with chicken] will causes gastrointestinal discomfort; [Sticky rice with apple] produces non-digestible substances; [Sticky rice with egg white] reduces nutritional value.
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  • Event Review | Aosif Management Team visited LeroySomer (Fuzhou) Generator Co., Ltd.
    Event Review | Aosif Management Team visited LeroySomer (Fuzhou) Generator Co., Ltd. 2019-05-21
    On May 15, 2019, Aosif Management Team, led by the General Manager, composing of Manufacturing, Purchasing and Technical departments paid a visit to LeroySomer (Fuzhou) Generator Co., Ltd. Site visits Shi Yu, general manager of LeroySomer, personally guided the Aosif team visiting the factory and introduced the online products, production lines and manufacturing processes in detail Exchanging Views After site visit, the two sides held a meeting in-depth discussions and exchanged views in the conference room. (1) Director Jiang, Senior Operations Director of LeroySomer, gave an general introduction of the company and products as well. (2) Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Que, introduced the organizational structure of Tech-department, and elaborated on three aspects of design: 1. customers; 2. manufacturing; 3. suppliers; During talking, Chief production Director, Mr. Chen, and all department managers attended communication and exchanging views on product design and production technology with them;  (3) Manager Li, from Production Department of LeroySomer made some exchanges on production indicators, cross-sectoral collaboration and other issues with all attendees from Aosif mainly on production aspects like scheduling and emergency order coordination. (4) Manager Wei, from Quality Control Dept. shared the experience in QC of the factory. There were a deeply communication and exchange of views on quality, design, production indicators, cross-sectoral collaboration, production scheduling, coordination for production of emergency order, etc. throughout the meeting from both sides. LeroySomer had shared their management experience and precipitated corporate culture, from which Aosif had learned valuable experience and has broadened the ideas in working.  Conclusions Through this visit, we believe that it has provided a good reference to the lean manufacturing and improving of the enterprise management system which Aosif is pursuing now.  We also believe that Aosif will be able to grow up into a benchmark enterprise in the industry with the help of international famous suppliers such as LeroySomer.
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  • Mother's Day | AOSIF wishes all mothers a happy Mother's Day!
    Mother's Day | AOSIF wishes all mothers a happy Mother's Day! 2019-05-12
    Be thankful to Mothers' Day There is a word, the most warm. There is a word, the most grateful. There is a word that reminds me of warmth. There is a word that arouses love. That's Mom. Before meeting you Mom was still the child who was doted by her mother. Mom's youth is not stolen by Time, but By You On this special festival You can tell her You're already a man to be her hero on this earth. You can tell her You've changed from a cotton jacket to a bullet-proof vest, and  To be able to protect her all her life. If today you are together with your mother, then accompany by her side and do a few warm-hearted things for her that you wanted to do but haven't done for a long time. If you can not meet your mother on such a special day, please use whatever way you can to tell her that Mom, Take good care of yourself, Mom I love you...   Conclusion: Best Wishes from AOSIF Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! May all mothers enjoy their beautiful life every day with healthy & smile.
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  • Labors’ Day | AOSIF salutes to workers all over the world!
    Labors’ Day | AOSIF salutes to workers all over the world! 2019-04-30
    From the three-foot platform, there is the figure of teacher. Take care of your healthy and rescue the life, there is a doctor's sweat. Rice & vegetables for Three meals, delicious food in restaurants, Skyscraper, fancy cloth & float, and frontier defending, There are farmers, cooks, workers, soldiers... They are from different fields But there is a common name for them. "Laborer"  They are working hard in every corner of China, explaining the duty with their hands, holding up the responsibilities with their shoulders, dedicating with their conscience, and describing life with their sweat. AOSIF laborer Even if the tightness of a screw or the straightness of a copper pipe , every details can't go wrong. We will never relax, because we know that quality not only concerns the lives of consumers, but the life of AOSIF as well. —— Production Dept Who says that the generator set can't be a Artwork? —— Designer Being used to telling the truth, operating with good faith, Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.      —— Sales Team  best wishes # Work is the most glorious# In such festival belongs to labors AOSIF wishes all of you Happy holidays!
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  •  AOSIF is waiting for you at the 125th Canton Fair!
    AOSIF is waiting for you at the 125th Canton Fair! 2019-04-19
    On April 15, the 125th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair") opened at Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most variety of commodities, the largest number of visitors and the best trading effect in China. About our Booth Our stand is located at the exhibition area of the Power and Electricity Equipment with the booth number of 3.1G40-42. As one of the permanent exhibitors of the Fairs, AOSIF has received a steady stream of customers, and will serve you with an ingenious and refined heart. We hope that through such an exhibition, customers will know more about us. At the same time,via the Canton Fair platform, AOSIF can also get to know more customers, consumers and to develop products to meet the consumers'requirements and market needs. AOSIF has been moving towards innovation for change, seeking new comprehensive competitiveness in product development and other aspects, building a strong R&D team at home, improving product quality for market, and strengthening to form an after-sales service team. About Product This time AOSIF displays three models of products in the exhibition with beautiful in appearance and excellent in quality, which have attracted and caught the eyes of many visitors from abroad,  brought new surprises to exhibitors at home and abroad, and totally demonstrated AOSIF's unremitting pursuit. Farewell AOSIF has established a long-term brand development strategy. Through the Canton Fair, we have fully demonstrated our lean manufacturing ability and high-quality brand charm. Thank you to the customers who have always supported and loved AOSIF. Thanks a lot to AOSIF's marketing team for their solidarity and cohesion. Thanks to all AOSIF's colleagues for their silent efforts and hard working. Goodbye and see you in next Fair!
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  • Recall in the Qing Ming festival in memory of our ancestors!
    Recall in the Qing Ming festival in memory of our ancestors! 2019-04-09
    Qingming Paraphrase Qingming Festival, also known as March Festival, ancestor worship Festival, is at the turn of mid-spring and late spring. The Qingming Festival has two connotations of nature and humanity. It is not only a natural solar point, but also a traditional festival in China. Qingming is not only a solemn festival for grave sweeping and ancestor sacrificing, but also a joyous festival for people to get close to nature, travel in the Qingming and enjoy the joy of spring. Traveling in Qingming Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has had the custom of traveling in the Qingming Festival. In ancient times, traveling in spring was called exploring spring, seeking spring and so on. It was a spring outing, also known as "traveling in spring". This kind of festival folk custom activity has a long history in China, and its source is the spring custom of ancient farming and sacrifice. Warm reminder With the diet to clear away heat and nourishing the weaker force Regular and quantitative, salt limitation, potassium supplement, , eat more vegetables and fruits, in order to prevent heat. Eat more food with the function of soothe the liver and nourish the lung. Don't be too sad Spring is a period of high incidence of many kinds of mental illness, coupled with tomb sweeping in the Qingming, it is easy to make people depressed, and induce mental illness. Dressing according to the weather According to climate change, clothes should be added or reduced at any time, and attention should be paid to cold and warm protection, so as to help the human body health.
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