Perkins gas generator set

Perkins gas engine generator
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    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
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AOSIF Perkins gas engine generator

Since its founding in 1932, The British Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. has become the world's leading supplier of diesel engine and natural gas engines. The Perkins gas engine contains 4006, 4008 and 4016 series. Among them, the 4006 and 4008 series include several 6 and 8 cylinders spark ignition gas engines, and the 4016 is a 16 cylinder product. In 4016 series, the 4016-61TRS is the most powerful spark-ignition gas engine of alternative fuel available from Perkins, which delivers the superior performance and can meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements.

Perkins gas engine have the following features:

1. Specially designed to use a variety of methane gas fuels.

2. With core technology research and development capabilities, such as the unique cylinder head with large valves, coupled with deep bowl pistons to help increase eddy flows, and to ensure excellent power to weight ratio and mechanical efficiency.

3. Adopt lots of same parts with diesel engine model that is favorable to reduce the service life cycle cost ,inventory and expand service life of parts.

Perkins - Lyle series imported from Britain
0.8 PF, 50HZ, 3P4W, Brushless self-excitation, IP23, H level, Apply to: natural gas, pipeline gas.
Aosif model Rated powerKW) Engine model  Leroy-Somer
AGP383N 306 4006-23TRS1 LSA 46.2 VL12
AGP468N 374 4006-23TRS2 LSA 47.2 M7
AGP531N 425 4008-30TRS1 LSA 47.2 M7
AGP625N 500 4008-30TRS2 LSA 49.1 S4A
AGP1094N 875 4016-61TRS1 LSA  49.1 L11
AGP125N 1000 4016-61TRS1 LSA 50.2 M6

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