Super Silent Type generator

AOSIF Super Silent Type Soundproof Canopy diesel generator set
  • Brand:

  • Prime Power:

  • Engine:

  • Alternator:

    Leroy somer /Stamford/Marathon/ AOSIF
  • Frequency:

  • controller:

  • Type:

    super silent generator
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   Super Silent Type Soundproof Canopy diesel generator set
Silent type generator set: The canopy for ASUP series super silent generator set is designed from the key noise distribution point of the unit, decorated with good sound isolation materials & absorption structure, and equipped with multi-stage impedance muffler. These enable the unit to run more stable and quiet, and with following features: 

Performance feature:

• Significant low noise performance

• Multi-layer shielded impedance noise shell

• Efficient noise reduction intake and exhaust air passage to ensure the full power output of the unit

• Two-stage large impedance compound muffler


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super silent generator

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